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Why We Do What We Do

George and Kate’s first date was at a bagel shop in Springfield, New Jersey.


5 years later after George chased Kate in hot pursuit the next phase of their lives started.


George and Kate Stepanovich have had their “baby” since 2011. George was born and raised in a hardworking Greek, Italian, Serbian family where food and family is the center. George always knew he wanted to do it “his way” and has had every job under the sun. Bringing something classic but new and delicious to Great Neck was his goal.

Kate was born and raised in New Jersey and bagels were part of her daily existence. Her Greek grandparents were diner owners so restaurant life runs in her blood. Kate has been an elementary school teacher since 2005 and recently left to run the show with George. She has taken charge of social media, catering and events and Bagel Baker’s food truck.

Mary (5) and John (3) are Bagel Baker’s biggest littlest fans! You’ll often find Mary wiping down a table or two and John chatting it up with customers. George and Kate have instilled the value of hard work and putting a smile on someone else’s face.

It is always a “family affair” at The Bagel Baker. George’s Mom, Anna Maria, makes home-made hearty soups and is often behind the register greeting you with a smile on her face and ready with a recommendation. George’s Dad, John, fills in whenever needed; whether wrapping sandwiches or wiping tables he can always be counted on. George’s sisters and brothers-in-laws have stepped in countless times and are so valued to be counted on.

George has gone above and beyond each and everyday to deliver a fresh and authentic product. Our hope was to create a place where customers would frequent daily and it would become just as much a part of their life as ours. We thank you for your business and appreciate your support in our small, family-run business! Welcome home, welcome to the family!

George and Kate


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